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The fastest growing economies in the world.

The UAE is an attractive place to start a business. Dubai provides plenty of commodities, easy access to flights and travel, and plenty of talent for hire.

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Why Dubai?

The economy in Dubai is moving forward at a rapid pace. This offers many opportunities, especially for entrepreneurs and professionals. All kinds of services are needed. Most of the goods available in Dubai have been imported. As a young country, the UAE it is still struggling to establish efficient operations in many segments of industry and relies on expats to provide this expertise.

There exists a never-ending list of services, goods and expertise needed in Dubai and the UAE. There are numerous ‘Free Zones’ for various industry segments that will help a new business get started, such as Media City, Healthcare City, Knowledge Village and the Dubai International Financial Centre.


Setting up a business

Setting up a business or buying a going concern can be complex. The Dubai government offers different types of business models to be chosen from by foreign investors, such as direct sale, commercial agency arrangements, branch or representative office, limited liability company and special free zone investment.

Corporate law in Dubai is similar to that in western countries, in that businesses can be run as limited liability operations, private companies or other types of concern.

The establishment of small businesses is the key to Dubai’s future growth and although licensing and registration is complex and requires a substantial amount of start-up capital, Dubai offers business people an operating environment that is amongst the most liberal and attractive in the Middle East region.

Living in Dubai

English is a common language in Dubai, and spoken and understood by most people in the emirate. People are generally very friendly and eager to make new friends and, since it’s an international city, expats will have the opportunity to make friends from all over the world.

The plethora of fast-food franchises means it’s possible to get foods that are familiar. Expats can get anything delivered at almost any time, including food, groceries, dry cleaning and office supplies. Friday brunch is a popular activity for expats, with every hotel and restaurant offering delicious arrays of food and drink to patrons.

Dubai is a fun city that caters to the young. Nightlife is lively but doesn’t start until after 9pm and goes on to the wee hours. Big-name entertainment and parties are advertised all the time.

Every industry has its own challenges and opportunities and it takes expert market knowledge to pinpoint the right entry points for your venture. If you want to set-up a business, buy a company, live, study, get retired, buy a property or invest in Dubai. Please, contact us.